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Approximately 35-40% of standard
GENEVA® 202 (PPA11/010,992)
Malus GENEVA® 202 (PPA11/010,992)
Cornell University introduction. Resistant to collar rot, fire blight and wooly apple aphid. Until recently used primarily in southern hemisphere. Maybe a good choice for weak cultivars. Virus free scion wood recommended with this rootstock. Propagated from stoolbeds and softwood cuttings.
SizeBundle Size< 1,0001,000 - 9,99910K - 49,99950K - 249,999250,000+
3/16” 100$1.84$1.060$0.975$0.918$0.852
1/4” 50$1.94$1.307$1.202$1.132$1.049
3/8” 50$2.04$1.425$1.311$1.237$1.144
7/16” 50$1.94$1.367$1.257$1.184$1.096
Note: A royalty charge of $0.25 per plant will be added to the invoice for non-licensed growers